This guide is intended to support the idea of a hybrid designer/developer role– a Design Engineer, a CSS master, a "front of the front end" person to quote Brad Frost. These are all of my favorite resources I often find myself sharing compiled in one place.


In my experience, "UX Engineer" or "UX/UI Engineer" titles are very broad and rarely mean what you think they mean. More often than not they really mean "Frontend Engineer" which can also mean "JavaScript Engineer". Basically, you need to research company culture and read job descriptions to find a true hybrid role. If you want an aspect of your engineering role to involve design, be clear about that during the interviewing process.

Below are companies and roles that appear to be true hybrid. If you have a suggestion for me to add, please email me!


Potential titles

Note: the word Engineer is basically interchangeable with Developer

On the job

The things you won't see in job descriptions

Stuff that will likely occur in a hybrid design/developer role